Language in Historical Contact situations

    DGfS 2014: AG6

    "Language in Historical Contact situations (LHC): diagnostics for grammatical replication"

    Carola Trips, Richard, Ingham, Achim Stein

    Programm, handouts, slides

    Mittwoch, 05.03.2014

    14.00-14.30 Carola Trips (Mannheim), Richard Ingham (Birmingham), Achim Stein (Stuttgart)

    Introduction Datei "dgfs2014-intro.pdf"

    14.30-15.30 Raymond Hickey (Universität Duisburg-Essen)

    English and Celtic in historical contact Datei "hickey.pdf"

    15.30-16.00 Liosis, Nikos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

    Remarks on the dichotomy “normal” vs “abnormal” borrowability Datei "liosis_remarks-on-the-dichotomy.pdf"

    16.00-16.30 Kaffeepause

    16.30-17.00 Karatsareas, Petros (University of the West of England & Open University of Cyprus)

    A caveat for contact linguistics: lessons from Cappadocian Greek

    Datei "karatsareas.pdf"

    17.00-17.30 Gabriel, Christoph & Kireva, Elena (Universität Hamburg):

    A contact language between archaism and innovation: Speech rhythm and vowel raising in Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish Datei "gabriel-kireva.pdf"

    17.30-18.00 Fischer, Susann & Vega Vilanova, Jorge (Universität Hamburg):

    Contact-induced change in Judeo-Spanish? The verbal system

    18.00-18.30 Viti, Carlotta (University of Zurich)

    Simplification, complexification, and maintenance in language contact between Indo-European and Semitic

    Donnerstag, 06.03.2014

    9.00-10.00 Tania Kuteva (Universität Düsseldorf) [cancelled]

    Replica grammaticalization-as-recapitulation: A case study of a thetical

    replaced by: Raymond Hickey: Language Contact in Ireland

    10.00-10.30 Hill, Eugen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

    Grammatical replication below and beyond the word [cancelled]

    10.30-11.00 Gardani, Francesco (Universität Graz) & Seifart, Frank (MPI Leipzig):

    The borrowing of case formatives

    11.00-11.30 Kaffeepause

    11.30-12.00 Lushaj, Borana (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics)

    Language contact and dialectal variation: a ‘natural laboratory’ of contact-induced change [cancelled]

    12.00-12.30 Bidese, Ermengildo (University of Trento) & Padovan, Andrea (University of Verona) & Tomaselli, Alessandra (University of Verona)

    The rationale behind contact. Bilingual competence and feature transfer in Cimbrian Datei "bidese-et-al-dgfs_marburg-2014.pdf"

    12.30-13.00 Keller, Mareike (Universität Mannheim)

    „Es ligt mir nit am opere, sed am verbo“: Grammatical morphemes in bilingual discourse Datei "keller.pdf"

    Freitag, 07.03.2014

    11.30-12.00 Walkden, George (University of Manchester) & Anne Breitbarth (University of Gent)

    Sociolinguistic typology and syntactic complexity Datei "walkden-breitbarth.pdf"

    12.00-12.30 Gianollo, Chiara (Universität zu Köln)

    Diagnosing grammatical replication in translations: the case of Greek and Latin affected possessorsDatei "gianollo-diagnosing-grammatical-replication-in-translations.pdf"

    12.30-13.00 Schultz, Julia (Universität Mannheim)

    The influence of French on Middle English syntax Datei "schultz.pdf"

    13.00-13.30 van Kemenade, Ans (Radboud University Nijmegen):

    Language contact effects on syntax and pragmatics: a case study from early English Datei "van-kemenade.pdf"

    13.30-14.00 Summary

    Carola Trips, Richard Ingham, Achim Stein