Alexei Lavrentiev

    Alexei Lavrentiev (ICAR Research Laboratory, CNRS / Lyon University, France):

    Philological markup and linguistic tools: the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

    The Text Encoding Initiative (http://www.tei-c.org) is an international consortium founded in 1987 that aims at developing, maintaining and promoting a “standard for the representation of texts in digital form”. This standard is currently implemented in a modular XML schema, it is independent of software platforms and scientific disciplines and is supposed to meet any need in the field of digital texts encoding and annotation. In reality it has been more successful in scholarly text edition while software specific formats are still widely used in language corpora. In my presentation I will argue that applying a unique standard for philological markup and linguistic annotation is not only possible but also profitable to the development of digital philology and corpus linguistics. I will use the example of the TXM corpus analysis software (http://txm.sf.net) and of Queste del saint Graal(http://txm.bfm-corpus.org/txm) digital edition.


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